Past Events

The Real Facts On Entrepreneurship

Launch Academy

Launch Academy's Hussein Hallak doesn't sugar coat entrepreneurship. But he's also the one to suggest that "if you don’t take risks you will never find out what you are truly capable of". 

Since 2012 Launch Academy has helped over 500 companies, raised over $100M in start up funding and created more than 1000 jobs.



Here are the top tips shared from the event... 

  1. The most popular and highest paid job right now? Software engineers & developers. 
  2. Trends don’t last - Right now everyone wants to build a app for everything but the ideas are getting too common and there is not enough thought going into how to disrupt or make new ideas that would fit a need that is not being served. 
  3. If you don’t take risk you will never find out what you are truly capable of. Some of the most groundbreaking things have been found on the edge of uncertainty.
  4. The most important element of a business is built on relationships and building those relationships authentically. This is something you can’t fake - everyone has a sense of when someone is not being honest. 
  5. When you are meeting people for a coffee chat or information session - show gratitude and don’t forget to follow up! People will notice when you’ve actually taken action from the meeting. For example, when someone says “you should talk to so and so, I’ll connect you” - make sure you actually talk that person who was referred to you and drop a note to the person who connected to you ensure they know you connected
  6. A good leader builds up the people around them and the people on their teams. 
  7. You need to act on your idea -  Even taking one step to act on your idea means you’ve done more than most people who never act - start something today.