Your Alumni Network: Jocelyn Tien-Wong


Name: Jocelyn Tien-Wong
Current Work: Executive Assistant, Beedie
Alumn Since: 2009
Special Note: Founding President of JA Alumni BC

JA Alumni BC's Founding President

Jocelyn Tien-Wong is not just any ordinary Junior Achievement Alumn. Jocelyn is the founding member of JA Alumni BC. Over the years, Jocelyn has contributed many volunteer hours and ideas to the alumni network. She is the reason we have so many valuable workshops and networking events today.

Her leadership has grown JA Alumni BC from zero to almost 300 members in her various roles with the network since 2010. In this article, Jocelyn shares valuable perspective on her professional journey.

Describe your journey with Junior Achievement

I was introduced to Junior Achievement in grade 11 and participated in the Company Program. I was interested in starting the alumni network as a continuation of the “JA magic” I had felt (and still feel to this day) from working with such smart and like-minded peers. It was a way of giving back and wanting to continue connecting those in the JA community that didn’t want to just end the relationships and connections once the program was finished.

Where do you currently work and what do you like about your role? 

I am currently the Executive Assistant to the President, Industrial at Beedie and am responsible for providing support to the President, Industrial and the rest of the Industrial Development Team on all administrative requirements.

I find my job fun because I weirdly like admin work. Though I have daily ongoing tasks that I work on– my day is usually very different every day. I never know what will come up! There are always different things that need to get done.

This role also allows me to interact with different departments and develop relationships with colleagues that aren’t necessarily on my team. I feel that I’m a naturally caring person and I like to help people wherever I can. If what I do is helpful to those around me, then I’ve done my job.

What does success mean to you?

Success to me has evolved and changed since university and now into my career. It use to be that success meant getting good grades and nailing a good job with great performance reviews and making a solid income. But now that I’ve had time to explore my career a bit more, what matters to me the most are the authentic relationships I’ve been lucky to build around me.

You spend more than half your day in a work environment – more time with my colleagues than my husband. So finding a job that you thoroughly enjoy, with a team that works hard isn’t something you can always gage clearly when you interview for a job. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some hard working, amazing and smart colleagues.

Don’t get me wrong, pay and performance reviews are still important to my life and I value what I feel I can bring to the table, but it’s not the only focus for me anymore.

What has been your biggest fear as you transitioned from a student into a young professional?

Making mistakes and disappointing people that I respect. In school you are so use to doing as you are told – “study chapter “xyz” you will be tested this next week”. But once you transition from a student to a young professional at some point once you are past the “newbie” phase you will need to start using and refining your critical thinking skills. You will not always have someone next to you telling you what to do all day.  

What did you wish you knew 5 years ago?

I wish I knew about the different options and opportunities out there in the workforce. There are so many roles out there in different industries that people do not emphasize or talk about.

For the longest time I did not know what kind of career that I wanted and to be honest was not sure what I was good at.